Rami-ran, Best Actress “Something Unbelievable Happened”

Actor Ra Mi-ran of the film ‘Honest Candidate’ won the 41st Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress. In the afternoon of the 9th, Incheon Yeongjongdo Parada. The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards was held in City. Actors Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Yeon-Seok hosted the event, and it was broadcast live on SBS and Naver TV.
“Why are you doing this to me?” Ra Mi-ran said in tears. “It was a comedy movie, so I was grateful that you nominated me,” he continued. Ra Mi-ran said, “I won the supporting actor award in the 34th episode, and I said I would greet you next time as a leading actor, but as soon as I was nominated, I received it.” “I don’t know what’s going on,” he said, drawing laughter by expressing his feelings mixed with laughter and tears. He also said, “I think we passed such a difficult time last year and gave a lot of meaning to even a small smile in it.”
Ra Mi-ran said, “The actors, staff, and directors who made ‘honest candidates’ worked hard. Something unbelievable happened. “I can’t believe a comedy movie won an award in Cheongryong,” he said. Joo Sang-sook of “Honest Candidate” would have said, “If you’re an actor, you should win at least once.” “I told you to smile. “Thank you for the thunderous applause. “I’m trying to shoot ‘Honest Candidate 2,'” Ra Mi-ran said with a sudden spoiler. “I’ll be your navel thief next year. “I will come back next time to receive the Best Actor Award,” he said.
Kim Hee-ae (To Yoon-hee), Ra Mi-ran (Honest Candidate), Shin Min-ah (Diva), Jeon Do-Yeon (Beasts Who Want to Catch Straws), and Jung Yu-mi (Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982) were nominated for the Best Actress Award. Candidates for the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards were selected through a survey of more than 200 film officials, including the Korean Film Journalists Association, critics, filmmakers and distributors, and management companies affiliated with film actors. The award ceremony was initially scheduled to be held at the end of last year, but it was postponed from previous years due to the aftermath of Corona 19.

Kang Min-Kyung cheers for her return to YouTube

Davichi member Kang Min-Kyung has publicly converted her YouTube video. While it is speculated that he will continue his YouTube activities again, the controversy over the behind-the-scenes advertisement has been re-examined, drawing keen attention to his next move. On February 9, a private video of the YouTube channel “Kang Min-Kyung” was released.
Earlier in July last year, Kang Min-Kyung turned some videos, including Vlogs, into private ones, except for cover music videos, and suspended YouTube activities due to the controversy over the back advertisement.
At that time, Kang Min-Kyung was embroiled in a controversy over her behind-the-scenes advertisement that she exposed the product without adequately notifying her of sponsorship and advertising. The debate over the behind-the-scenes promotion that hit our society has already caused a big stir. It is public among celebrities such as Kang Min-Kyung, Han Hye-Yeon, and famous YouTubers and influencers. They avoided criminal punishment and administrative regulations because there was no legal system for behind-the-scenes and indirect advertising. Since then, as the controversy over behind-the-scenes advertising has emerged as a significant social issue, the Fair Trade Commission has announced guidelines for displaying and reviewing advertisements since September 1 last year, but celebrities’ moral hazard has caused public anger.
Shortly after the controversy, Kang Min-Kyung accepted a brand proposal to edit and use YouTube content in the future, which went viral through her YouTube video. The advertisement was carried out. “The video itself was not an advertisement, and the contents discussed later were also about using the company’s mall or sponsored advertisements,” he said. “There was no reason to mark the video itself.”
However, Kang Min-Kyung was also unable to avoid criticism as the criticism that it was an optional explanation and not marking PPL, which was forgotten, emerged as a hot social issue. Kang Min-Kyung posted a lengthy article, saying, “I took it lightly because I had no experience in sponsorship or indirect advertising while working as an entertainer with an apology for my hasty response.”
And today, after the controversy over the behind-the-scenes advertisement, the movement to return to the channel is increasing, cheering for Kang Min-Kyung’s return. Some even say that he was excessively reprimanded at the time of the controversy. Why is the response different from the return of celebrities that have been embroiled in controversy?
Regular donations also played an essential role in reversing public opinion. Kang Min-Kyung donated 25 million won in YouTube profits for children with childhood cancer and leukemia under the name of herself and all her subscribers. In December last year, the company also showed steady progress, including 30 million won for the deaf and donations of music profits for low-income mothers and young people in need.
Of course, the biggest reason is that his moral responsibility was different from other controversies over the advertisement. According to the apology posted on two occasions, Kang Min-Kyung flatly denied “nae-don-in-san (short for “my money and I bought it”) although there was some omission in sponsorship and advertisement marks. Although the advertisement was marked through the More section, he acknowledged that the subscriber was mistaken and apologized for his complacency.
As such, Kang Min-Kyung acknowledged her responsibility and influence and was recognized by the public for her sincere apology. The belief that half a year would have been self-reflecting and agonizoverpowerower and commitment has been added, leading to expectations for the next content. Meanwhile, Kang Min-Kyung indirectly mentioned Davichi’s comeback through her YouTube channel Silver Button’s unboxing video. From Davichi’s response to his personal YouTube channel, attention is focused on his official moves after the controversy.

Nana, your glasses look good on you.

Actress and singer Nana caught the eye by posting a photo of her beauty potential, which also fits well with her glasses fashion. Nana posted several pictures on Instagram on the 9th, drawing attention by revealing her current status. Nana is posing with a sweater and a pair of glasses.
Nana’s prettiest beauty and fashionista, who also stylishly digests glasses, are eye-catching. Nana’s outstanding beauty, which is even shining outdoors, causes admiration. Meanwhile, Nana is watching the MBC drama ‘Oh! I’m going to find my home fans through ‘Master.’

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