Choi Hwa-jung, “Lee Yong-jin’s ideal type, unexpected charm.”

Choi Hwa-Jung chose Lee Yong-jin as her ideal type among the “Aero couple” MCs. On SKY and Channel A’s “Aero Couple,” which aired on February 8, the section’s ideal type was selected in the corner. Hong Jin-Kyung said, “I think Seo Dong-Joo and Choi Hwa-Jung are single. “Who is your ideal type based on your […]

Shin Min, it’s not your charm, vegetarian

Ha Yoon-Ju, a Korean traditional musician who challenges drama with “Kumiho Recipe,” plans to show Gumiho, which is different from Shin Min-ah. KBS 1TV’s Korean classic musical theater, “Kumiho Recipe,” will visit viewers during the Lunar New Year holiday. The two-part “Gumiho Recipe” is a romance fantasy musical drama that unravels the 1,000-year-old Gumiho Yeo-hee […]

“Kissing Out” Kwak Min-jung

In “Playing Sister,” Kwak Min-jung’s younger brothers Park So-Yeon and Choi Da-bin appeared, drawing attention by telling TMI information and stories. A special episode of Frozen was drawn on the E-channel ‘Playing Sister,’ which aired on the 26th. Kwak Min-jung, Choi Da-bin, and Park So-Yeon appeared in the special episode of “Playing Sister” Frozen. First, […]

MOMOLAND Hyebin Ticket Power, All tickets for the preview of the play ‘Contact Line’ sold out

The play “Kwanbu Liaison Line,” starring Hyebin, a member of the girl group MOMOLAND, sold out simultaneously as the preview ticket was opened. The play “Contact Line,” which hosted the preview ticket opening on February 2, was sold out before the preview, thanks to the participation of female-centered narratives, the participation of recognized creators in […]

EXID’s Solji, lovely with a super-miniskirt

Singer Solji decorated the cover of the February issue of “Pilates S.” The theme of “Too Sweet Not To Love” is “A Moment to Love,” aimed at the upcoming Valentine’s Day with her appealing vocals. You can feel Solji’s infinite charm by expressing various love faces from multiple angles, starting with curiosity about her opponent, […]

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