“Kissing Out” Kwak Min-jung

In “Playing Sister,” Kwak Min-jung’s younger brothers Park So-Yeon and Choi Da-bin appeared, drawing attention by telling TMI information and stories. A special episode of Frozen was drawn on the E-channel ‘Playing Sister,’ which aired on the 26th. Kwak Min-jung, Choi Da-bin, and Park So-Yeon appeared in the special episode of “Playing Sister” Frozen. First, […]

Chan-won Lee, the one who captivated Lee Sang-hwa.

Lee Chan-won topped the competency evaluation. On the 27th, TV CHOSUN “Ppongsoonga School” featured Trotmen transformed into “ice boys” with Lee Sang-Hwa appearing as a guest. On this day, Trotmen evaluated their intelligence, physical strength, and emotional skills in the New Year of 2021. First, I conducted an IQ test with Noh Kyu-Sik, a psychiatrist. […]

Chan-sung Jung, “Do it yourself.” “Do it yourself.”

UFC player Jung Chan-sung expressed his pain and aspirations for the future. SBS Plus’ “Kang Ho-dong’s Rice Heart,” which aired on the 25th, featured Jung Chan-sung, a “Korea zombie.” Chung Chan-sung, who appeared leisurely with his back to colorful lights and music on the day, greeted Kang Ho-dong with a 90-degree welcoming. Chung Chan-sung said, […]

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