Chan-won Lee, the one who captivated Lee Sang-hwa.

Lee Chan-won topped the competency evaluation.
On the 27th, TV CHOSUN “Ppongsoonga School” featured Trotmen transformed into “ice boys” with Lee Sang-Hwa appearing as a guest.
On this day, Trotmen evaluated their intelligence, physical strength, and emotional skills in the New Year of 2021. First, I conducted an IQ test with Noh Kyu-Sik, a psychiatrist. Lee Chan-won said, “In elementary school, I had an IQ of 139,” and Jang Min-ho said, “I remember that I didn’t exceed 100,” drawing laughter.
According to the test results, Lim was ranked fifth with IQ 105. Regarding Lim Young-Woong, a specialist said, “He has a relatively good time and space capabilities. These people are healthy in practice. He is also vital in adapting to the situation. Fourth place is Kim Hee-Jae of IQ 113, which is higher than average. He was praised for his excellent language expression skills.

Regarding Jang Min-ho and Young-tak, who ranked third and second with IQs 120 and 121, respectively, “They have good mathematical and Spatio-temporal abilities.” I have a high desire to win. “I have good problem-solving skills. Lee Chan-won, who was last ranked first, was ranked in the top 5 percent with IQ 129. Lee Chan-won said, “The balance came out well because the language, time, and spatial ability were evenly excellent. “I think there could have been giftedness as a child, and what I wanted to do would have been easily successful.”
Trotman, who came to the ice rink for their second physical test, was delighted to recall their old memories. Lee Sang-Hwa, the goddess of ice, appeared in the filming that day, captivating the treatment.
Lee Sang-Hwa said, “I was a fan of the F5, and I had a text vote during the final round. My nephew voted on my cell phone. “It was Jang Min-ho,” he said. When asked about Lee Sang-he’s one pick, he said, “I’m a fan of all of them,” and picked Young-task, saying, “I watched ‘Hidden Singer’ and it was so amazing to be on ‘Mr. Trot’. “My mother is also a big fan of him.
In the first game, the treatment played hide-and-seek with Lee Sang-Hwa. While Lee Sang-Hwa put out the trot men with overwhelming skills, Lim Young-Woong, who remained for the last time, struggled to avoid it. Lim Young-woong also won the next speed skating competition by a wide margin.

The final test was an emotional test, with the treatment presenting an ice show that raised the ice princess Lee Sang-Hwa’s heart rate. First, Young-tak, who sang “Nobody,” recorded a heart rate of 108, and Jang Min-ho sang “Man’s Pure Love” enthusiastically, recording 101. Kim Hee-Jae, who sang “Your Side,” sang 106, and Lee Chan-won sang “Flower,” recording a heart rate of 111.
Lastly, Lim Young-Woong sang Jin-won’s “I’ll fix it,” and Lee Sang-Hwa said, “It’s a song I’ve listened to a lot while I was a player. It was a song on my playlist when I was working out alone, and I almost cried when I remembered that I had a hard time working out regardless of the lyrics. Thank you for reminding me of my old memories. However, the heart rate was 100, which drew laughter.
As a result of the final performance evaluation, Lee Chan-won won first place and received three massage sets.

The reason why he ignored the contact between Park So-dam and Bong Joon-ho, who had no agency.

Singer Solar revealed the behind-the-scenes story of the movie Parasite with actress Park So-dam. On the 25th, a video titled “Just Interview Park So-dam Parasite, Is This Surprising?” was uploaded on Solar’s YouTube channel of MAMAMOO member Solar.
The video shows Solar, a friend born in 1991, inviting Park So-dam as a guest and conducting an interview. Park So-dam said, “Parasite was the first movie to be cast without watching auditions,” adding, “At that time, there was no company, and I was spending time alone when I got a call from director Bong Joon-ho.” I didn’t believe it because I didn’t have a company at the time, and I was spending time alone because I got a call from director Bong Joon-ho. That’s why I didn’t answer. Then, director Bong Joon-ho contacted me again and said, “Why don’t you believe it?” and expressed his disappointment.
“I met the director during the audition,” he said. In the drama, Mi-Ja plays a role in her mid-teenager, and I called her to audition, but I was too old. So I talked with the director for about an hour and a half and came out two years later? “I got a call three years later. Asked if the slum alley of the movie “Parasite” is a set, Park So-dam said, “It is a set.” A village was built in a tank set, and water was poured into it. I was surprised when I first went there. There seems to be a village in fact,” he praised the art director. “In one scene, a cat passed by. That’s why we’re unique.
Park So-dam said Park’s residence in Parasite is also a set. He said, “It’s a set of the first floor, second floor, and basement. “I broke it as soon as the shooting was over. Park So-dam, who was invited to the Cannes Film Festival, also said, “I went with the thought of seeing, hearing, and feeling as much as I could, but I was so nervous, and when I turned around, Tilda Swinton was sitting, and I was out of my mind.”
“My face was coming out of the big screen, and I was thrilled to see the movie with applause and cheers. “I felt strange,” he said. Park So-dam’s film “Parasite” won four major awards, including the Palme d’Or at the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival, the 77th Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, the 92nd Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. Park So-dam played Ki-Jung in ‘Parasite.’

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