Hyun-ah, who came back, said, “A day was like a year…I want to overcome my limitations”

If it were as planned, they would have had a spectacular comeback stage last summer, but half a year has gone by. This is because of the miscellaneous hard-core fainting that persistently harassed Hyun-ah. While waiting to recover her health, Hyun-ah said she wanted to run to the stage right away.
“If I don’t get on stage right now, I’m going crazy. The day was like a year.” Hyuna is back. “I want to say that I’ve improved completely confidently, but it’s a little difficult,” Hyun-ah said at an online press conference ahead of the release of her new mini-album “I’m Not Cool” on the 28th.
“When I couldn’t make a comeback due to health reasons, I was angry that I couldn’t keep my promise with my fans and many people. I recovered with many good thoughts, thinking that I should be on stage as soon as possible. I’m taking nutritional supplements and eating well.”
While preparing for the album, his love for his job has grown more than ever. “I felt from head to toe that my favorite place was the stage,” he said. “I wanted to approach Hyun-ah’s secret diary as if I were exposed to it.”

The title track of the album and the title track of the same name is contrary to Hyun-ah’s previous image. Hyun-ah, the icon of pride, declares, “I’m not cool.” The title song was produced by Psy, the head of the agency Pinion, and composed by Hyun-ah, Psy, and her lover, Dawn.
“Everything that keeps me perfect and cool isn’t cool. It contains Hyun-ah who wants to do well on stage, but it’s not cool at all.”
In this album, Don, Hyun-ah’s boyfriend and musical colleague, helped a lot. She also participated in the title song “Party, Phil, Love,” and writing, composing, and featuring. Hyun-ah said about Dawn, “The existence itself is always supportive, but this album feels different because you worked together from the beginning,” adding, “It’s the same main job, so I can’t express how proud I am when I work on music that fits perfectly.” “Although the musical color is very different, it is good to talk to each other a lot about what kind of music is good and to know what parts I don’t know.”
Hyun-ah said she would show an entirely new side of herself through this activity. “(Through the album) I want to overcome my limitations. I like the stage the most, and I want to play on stage, so I want to be a bad kid on stage. It’s okay to hear him look bad. It’s a distraction, a distraction, a moment to forget, and then come out again.”

Park Jung-ah’s Daughter Revealed for the First Time

The 21st menu development competition under the theme of “Kimchi” will begin at the “Newly Launched Pyeon Restaurant,” which will be broadcast on the 29th. In this match, actor Park Jung-ah, her 21-month-old daughter Ayun her mother Park Jung-ah, heralds a new appearance as a chef.
According to the production team, Park Jung-ah, who debuted as a singer through Jewelry in 2001 and later turned into an actor and solidified her position as an actress through “My Daughter Seo-young,” showed the potential of all-around entertainment, including acting as an MC and musical actor. In 2016, she married her husband, a professional golfer, two years younger than her, and gave birth to her daughter, Ayun, in 2019. Park Jung-ah is expected to unveil her 21-month-old daughter Ayun for the first time at the “Pyeon Restaurant” and reveal her surprising cooking skills stemming from her love for her daughter along with her daily life of childcare.
Park Jung-ah opened her eyes around 8 a.m. to meet the weather of her daughter Ayun. Park Jung-ah’s house, which has been moved less than 100 days, was then unveiled. Park Jung-ah’s place was so clean and meticulous that it was unbelievable that Park Jung-ah’s house was a house that raised children.
Park Jung-ah is said to have started preparing breakfast with her 21-month-old daughter, Ayun. In particular, Ayun of mother Park Jung-ah, who said, “I want to feed my daughter Ayun only good things,” was her customized cooking skills. It is not easy to cook while raising a child. Still, since he has to eat with a variety of diets, Park Jung-ah, who said, “The key is to cook several dishes at the same time for a short time,” said that she was a master of “multi-cooking” by not only making three kinds of rice at once but also making three side dishes at the same time.
The “Pyun Restaurant” family, who saw Park Jung-ah making her eye ketchup, soy sauce, and even butter, were surprised, saying, “I can’t imagine her when she was a real talented person” and “Jewelry.”
It is said that Park Jung-ah’s 21-month-old daughter, Ayun, also stole attention. As soon as he woke up in the morning, he greeted the camera uncles with clear pronunciation, saying, “Hello, uncle.” And MC Do Kyung-wan was amazed by how well he spoke because he was unbelievably expressive that he was 21 months old. Shocking was the scene where he sat alone at the table and calmly emptied a table. The 21-month-old Ayun, who eats everything deliciously, is said to have fallen in love with her uncle and aunts, which makes people even more curious.
Park Jung-ah, who came back as a birth mother. Park Jung-ah’s fantastic cooking skills and the story of her lovely 21-month-old daughter, Hayun, will be unveiled at “Pyeon Restaurant,” which will air at 9:40 p.m. on Friday on the 29th.

Model Choi, “My in-laws, love to be on You Quiz.”

Model Choi Min-ra appeared in “Crazy, Crazy.”
On tvN’s new entertainment program “Crazy, Crazy,” which aired on the 28th, Choi Min-ra met Yoo Jae-Seok and Cho Se-ho following “You Quiz on the Block.” After appearing on “You Quiz,” Choi Min-ra mentioned her surroundings. “My in-laws loved it so much that they watched it 30 to 40 times,” he said. “He said he memorized all the lines,” he said.
Choi Min-ra, who appeared in a red suit and teddy bear coat on the show, showed off her charismatic walking as a top model, which impressed everyone. Meanwhile, the Uquiz spin-off “Crazy” is a program that meets the famous people who appeared in “Uquiz” again in their lives and talked about new and in-depth stories. It airs every Thursday at 9 p.m.

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