Chan-sung Jung, “Do it yourself.” “Do it yourself.”

UFC player Jung Chan-sung expressed his pain and aspirations for the future. SBS Plus’ “Kang Ho-dong’s Rice Heart,” which aired on the 25th, featured Jung Chan-sung, a “Korea zombie.” Chung Chan-sung, who appeared leisurely with his back to colorful lights and music on the day, greeted Kang Ho-dong with a 90-degree welcoming.
Chung Chan-sung said, “I heard you can win Kang Ho-dong,” adding, “If it’s a martial arts rule, it’s worth trying, but you’re going to die (in a real fight). Fans of martial arts were so misunderstood that they came out to apologize in person because Kang Ho-dong is famous for being a celebrity fighter.
Kang Ho-dong said, “We are meant to be,” referring to SBS’ “Star King.” The two people I met in ‘Star King’Star King’ in the past. Jeong Chan-Seong said, “Have you ever been harmed by Gang Ho-dong?” I only have good memories. Watching “Knowing Bros” made me feel kind to people who care about it once. “It’s different for people I see every day,” he said. Kang Ho-dong was embarrassed, saying, “I thought it would end with a wonderful story.”
Jeong Chan-sung, who fought against UFC featherweight world No. 2 Brian Ortega, did well until the second round, but later lost the lead and lost the decision. Jung Chan-sung said, “This is not an excuse, but it’s the coolest thing for an athlete to say with records, but if I won, Ortega’s position would have been in my place.” “I did my best anyway, and I have no excuse for losing.”
Regarding “abnormal behavior after a shock defeat,” Jung Chan-sung said, “If I lose the game, I wonder how I can turn back time.” “I usually watch it several times after the game, but I only watched it once this time,” he said. “I couldn’t watch the game. “I’m so hurt,” he said, which made everyone feel sad.
Jung Chan-sung said, “I don’t remember the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds after falling once at the end of the 2nd round. It’s not the movement I practiced. “I don’t remember. I remember until the end of the second round. Why does my body keep going left? It would help if you got a hold of yourself. It’s called blackout. They repeat the same words and actions unconsciously.”
“I heard that I kept asking ‘how many rounds’ after each round. If you look at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds, they only move according to their instincts. I prepared for a few months, but it was moving strangely. I was so upset about that. “I didn’t even watch it except for the first and second rounds because I thought I wouldn’t have to watch it,” he said.

This game was incredibly unlucky from the start. “When I was preparing, Corona 19 got worse,” Chung said. America was worse than Korea. Corona was so bad that I was scared to go. I had to go with my teammate, but I was sorry to ask you to go with me. So I called the staff in America to Korea. “It was my first time in Korea, so I had a lot to pay attention to.
“I was in charge of staff expenses with my own money, which was about 150 million won,” he said. I fed three people, put them to sleep, got them a car, and I did all of them. It doesn’t matter if I spent that money, but I had to pay attention to it. “That part was so hard,” he sighed. “When I go to the U.S., I take care of everything I can eat and exercise,” Chung said. “I did everything I could in Korea,” he said. “This is all an excuse.”
Jeong Chan-sung said, “I found a psychology professor,” adding, “I guess I felt a lot of pressure in this match. Strangely, I couldn’t think of anything in this match and only thought of my opponent. “I stayed up all night every other day even when I was preparing for the exercise,” he said. “I couldn’t sleep from the day before, so I slept for an hour and a half for two days.” “I think that’s a big connection to the Blackout,” he said. “The U.S. is fully equipped, but communication is a problem, so I came to Korea for psychological counseling.” “I’m still looking for people to help me.
“Self-isolation for two weeks after returning home” was better. Jung Chan-sung said, “What comforted me a lot was that martial arts are comforted by everyone when they lose the game. I have a strong feeling that I got hit. I’m so tired. “That look. Thank you, but it’s hard.”
However, I gained 20kg by relieving stress by eating. Jung Chan-sung said, “I ate a whole box of cereal in one meal before,” adding, “This time, I gained 20 kilograms in a month because I was hooked on delivery food.” “This match was too hard. I used to eat for 2-3 days when I lost, but I ate for a whole month. I felt like I lost all of them, and my career seemed to be over. “I ate it with the feeling of ‘Let’s eat and die,'” he said with a bitter smile.
Regarding “the first opportunity to enter martial arts,” Chung Chan-sung said, “I was too passive to speak properly when I was in middle school.” I was beaten around. He was ostracized for coming up from the countryside. “My aunt was so frustrated that I sent her hapkido. “At first, it was semi-forced,” Chung said. “When I was in high school, I started kickboxing,” he said. “I went to the mixed martial arts department in college, and I went to nine matches, and I was never hugged.” “I dreamed of a big match because I thought I was talented,” he added.

On “Fight Money in the Early Debut,” Chan-sung said, “It’s almost impossible to get paid. I think it was about 150,000 won. It was Japan that received fight money properly, and it was 2 million won. It was like the first salary. “I wanted to give my father the money, so I went to see my father after the game and left 2 million won at the table and went out again.”
Asked whether there is a big gap now, Chung Chan-sung carefully said, “It is about two to three thousand times,” while Kang Ho-dong said curiously, “That’s 3,000 times.”
Another guest called ‘Chansung’s No. 1 fan’ was Yoon Hyung-bin. Yoon Hyung-bin recited Jung Chan-sung’s brilliant career in a loud voice. In the match against Mark Hominick, he set a new world record by winning the KO in just seven seconds. At that time, he received a bonus of 80 million won. Jeong Chan-sung, who sent a locker room bonus because the UFC representative was a big fan, said, “I received it three times, not once.”
Chung Chan-sung made headlines when he tried to insert his missing arm during the match. “It’s my first time losing my shoulders,” Chung said. “The game would have been difficult if I had put him back in because I lost my normal shoulder.” What if Chansung’s arm didn’t fall out? When asked, Yoon Hyung-bin said, “Then, you should say that Jose Aldo is dead.”
Ariana, one of the best octagon girls in the UFC, said, “Chansung is hot. “I want to have his T-shirt,” said Chung Chan-sung, who said, “There was nothing like that in person. I wouldn’t have met my wife if I had such a thing.”
“My ex-girlfriend didn’t delete the picture because she was around the girl,” she said. “I got caught at home. I didn’t even know there was. He liked it. He said, “You met these kids.” “I didn’t do anything wrong, but it’s okay.”
Yoon Hyung-bin said about Jung Chan-sung’s wife, “All the staff members are conscious of the ritual ceremony while working. “Jeong Chan-sung is the head of the bar,” he said, and Jeong Chan-sung said, “It was like that when my brother came, but not now.” “I’ve killed a lot of people,” he said confidently.
At that time, Park Sun-young, Jung Chan-sung’s wife, came to her seat. Jeong Chan-sung said, “No wonder you dressed up beautifully. “I’m slow-witted,” he said. Chung Chan-sung also made absurd remarks such as “I want to go back to before marriage,” “I am breaking up for seven years,” and “My wife is ancient.” Jeong Chan-sung said, “Don’t you want to go back to before you get married? I will play a lot and get married.” “We’re still breaking up. “We’re breaking up over 100 years,” he said. “We’re breaking up over 100 years. Park Sun-young said, “They told me to get Botox and get plastic surgery.”
Regarding the alleged “fraudulent marriage,” Park Sun-young said, “When I first met her, I lied that she was a martial arts player and said she was a badminton player. I heard he’s training with Lee Yong-Dae. I met my acquaintances at a meeting, and they came and got their autographs. “It was eight years ago, so only manias knew him,” he said. “He is three years younger than me, and he is two years younger.” “I heard it’s fast again.

Park Sun-young said, “If my parents were here, I would eat home-cooked meals, but I heard they would buy and eat them.” “I asked for a side dish, so I went there, but the house was dirty, so I didn’t go home after doing this and that,” said Jung Chan-sung, “My ideal type was a woman who takes good care of me,” but how did he know that? I asked her to go home, but she said she couldn’t go because of the snow.
Park Sun-young said, “I once sobbed just once in my family’s mind watching martial arts games.” It was when I fainted during the game. It was enough to say, “Let’s not.” He tried to hug me amid a chaotic situation. I can’t forget the smell of blood. “I think it’s going to be even harder if I’m having a hard time, so I don’t show any difficulties after that.”
Asked about her dream, Park Sun-young answered, “Keep the rule.” “I went to the gym alone with my friend, and I lost to Jose Aldo. He’s also going to have major surgery. I couldn’t win mentally when it came with me. Once, he cried and said, “I want to die.” When I heard that, I thought, “I must protect you.” Even if everyone criticized me, I decided to marry because I thought, “Let’s protect this person no matter what until the day he/she achieves his/her dream.”
“I’ve been cursed a lot. There are still many people who say this “how dare a woman.” “It’s what we have to do, and I’ve endured two years thinking that if I overcome this, you’ll recognize me wherever I appear,” he said. “Now I’ll be contacted no matter what.” They were two people who endured the storm of life together and became stable.
A couple who never used their hard-earned fight money, but Park Sun-young said, “My income has gradually decreased this time.” There was nothing I could do. But I couldn’t touch the fight money. He has three children, his mother and his younger brother have seven families. When I was thinking about moving to a large house, I wanted to make my parents-in-law’s house. “It was my first time using fight money.
Park Sun-young said, “There is a reason to live with her,” and Park Sun-young said, “My husband is very pretentious when he meets a new person.” Everyone knows when you’re with us. “When we meet twice, or three times, we all know that this is a bluff.”
“I have a brother who works out with me,” he said. There was nowhere to go from the countryside. I supported the full deposit and half of the monthly rent. “I applied for four years, and now I’m independent.” Jung Chan-sung said, “At first if I give 50,000 won to my younger siblings, I cursed at them for two days.” But now he’s doing it himself. It also does a house. I was surprised to see the house. “First of all, thank you for doing that. Park Sun-young said, “There are many people who have only seen my husband.” At first, I thought, “Why am I not even a family?” but now that I’m working with him, he confessed, “I take care of him like a family because I think we eat this much.”

Park Sun-young said, “When a match is held, it only focuses on sports. You don’t have to do anything else in the game. “I dig my ears, and I do my hair,” he said, surprising everyone. “When I prepare for the game, I eat a lot of meat, and then I get constipated,” he said. “I can’t help you because you can’t do it alone,” he said. “The MCs were still surprised. Jeong Chan-sung was puzzled, saying, “Don’t you do it between couples?” “I don’t ask you to cut my toenails, but you do it on your own.” I don’t do it because you do it for me.
Jeong Chan-sung’s biggest concern is female hormones. “Did you even talk about this?” Jeong said. “I cry watching dramas and talk to strangers,” Park Sun-young said. “I’ve become very talkative. “I started to like to talk,” he said. “When I go to work out, my daughter says, ‘Daddy, don’t get hurt again today.’ I thought my daughter grew up like this. “I was filled with tears,” he recalled.
Chung Chan-sung was very surprised to hear about the coronal surgery. Park Sun-young asked Kang Ho-dong, “Is the orthopausal surgery affecting exercise?” He/she then wondered, “He/she said that male hormones should not be cut off, but he/she found out that it didn’t matter.”
Park Sun-young surprised Kang by asking Kang Ho-dong, “You didn’t have a vasectomy, did you?” “We are not allowed to ask questions,” Kang said.
A surprise video letter has also been prepared for Chung. It was Lee Sang-Yoon, an actor who met as a master and a disciple on other broadcasts. Lee Je-hoon, Jang Ki-Yong, and Park Jae-beom also watched from the side how much you wanted to win and how hard you tried. I don’t feel sorry or ashamed at all. “Whether you win or lose, you’re always on your side.” The younger siblings of the gym also gathered to cheer for Chung. ”
Jeong Chan-sung said, “There was a time when I had a hard time. I stopped all the people who were falling out with my close brothers. I thought there was no one around me, but now I think many people love me. “I’m so grateful,” he said.
When asked about his plans as today’s main character, Chung Chan-sung, said about his goal, “He is the champion. “But I’m still going to watch each of the previous games,” he said. Park Sun-young wrote a video letter to her husband, Jeong Chan-sung, who will become a future champion. Park Sun-young, who hesitated for a while, said, “You did a great job, and how hard it was,” and eventually burst into tears but said, “I know too well.” Congratulations. Let’s have fun the rest of the time. “You did a great job,” she said. “I love my husband.

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