“Kissing Out” Kwak Min-jung

In “Playing Sister,” Kwak Min-jung’s younger brothers Park So-Yeon and Choi Da-bin appeared, drawing attention by telling TMI information and stories. A special episode of Frozen was drawn on the E-channel ‘Playing Sister,’ which aired on the 26th.
Kwak Min-jung, Choi Da-bin, and Park So-Yeon appeared in the special episode of “Playing Sister” Frozen. First, Kwak Min-jung arrived, and Kwak Min-jung said, “It’s amazing” to think of skating outdoors. At this time, Choi Da-bin and Park So-Yeon, who were free to skate on the ice, welcomed them. When Choi Dae-bin, who recorded the first-ever Asian Winter Games gold medal in Figure Shindong, and Park So-Yeon, who was selected as the youngest national team member, appeared, Kwak Min-jung said, “They are friends who have exercised with me for more than ten years.”
Three people showed their skills on the ice first, and Park Se-ri challenged skating first. Kwak Min-jung gave tips on walking using the State Day and decided to play an ice triathlon. Following relay skating on the ice, a retro ice sled was held, and the atmosphere continued to the sled relay. Choi Dae-bin, who is a level 10,000 figure skater, became a hole in the ice sled, and everyone was surprised, saying, “It’s different from when Dabin does figure skating.” On the other hand, Kwak Min-jung was astonished by her fantastic skills. As they continued to do human curling, two people pushed Pak Se-ri, but she faced a crisis due to her unaffordable weight. Finally, the appearance of the operation by avoiding Pak Se-ri made me laugh.

Everyone came back to the accommodation. The members who warmed themselves up with Baedoraji tea gathered together to bloom a story flower. Pak Se-ri asked the highest score of the competition she received, and Park So-Yeon mentioned 185 points she received at the Senior Grand Prix. Kwak Min-jung said, “Real high score, foreign coaches who are Soyeon are also good enough to praise,” and Park So-Yeon replied, “I’m not strong, but I jump using speed and technique.” Choi Dae-bin said he broke his record with 199 points at the PyeongChang Olympics, and Ko Min-jung praised him, saying, “It is a tower that maintains calmness for ten years and clean acting without mistakes during the match.” Choi Dae-bin said, “I don’t think there’s much I’m good at, so I tend to try to act stable without mistakes,” and added, “I try to stay calm and consistent.”
When asked about the advantages of having an Olympic Games in his country, Choi said, “Our audience is full of energy.
“I’m very nervous before the exam, but I did the same thing because I thought it was just one of the many games,” Kwak Min-jung said, “It’s amazing that it’s hard to maintain calm in the Olympics.” Park So-Yeon also said she recovered and returned despite a significant injury, and Kwak Min-jung recalled sobbing during the game’s broadcast. Kwak Min-jung showed his junior love, saying, “So-Yeon fractured her ankle during training, and I cry when I see her juniors doing well.”
Park So-Yeon also reported that she retired in 2019. After his retirement, he is currently working as an actor on an ice show at the world-renowned “Circus of the Sun.” So far, Park So-Yeon said, “I was in a foreign country,” and that she attended tour concerts around the world. “All of a sudden, the performance was suspended due to Corona 19.”

Kwak Min-jung said, “It’s the first time that anyone can’t be invited as a Korean player,” and Park So-Yeon replied, “There are some Korean actors in the entire circus show of the sun, and I’m the first ice show.” When asked about differences in figure skating moves, Park So-Yeon said, “I fly in the sky with the ‘Hannes’ movement, so it’s different from when I was active,” and wondered if all of them work together with their partners. When Kwak Min-jung reported, “Soyeon has been acting alone for ten years, and then she also plays physical contact with a man,” Park So-Yeon said, “Choo…”I kissed her for the first time,” she said. Everyone was surprised, doubting their ears, saying, “The first kiss there?” Kwak Min-jung teased, “How far are we going to go?” and Pak Se-ri surprised, saying, “How long are you going to go?”
“All the rink was closed, and I practiced training at home and outdoors,” said Choi. “When I close the rink, I can’t train,” he said. “When the schedule for the match is set, I get tired of working hard and determined,” he said, expressing the problematic situation that athletes are going through. Kwak Min-jung also said, “Figures have such a short life span that they sometimes have a transition period when they are in college,” and added, “Most of them are in their heyday,” which is why they have a reason for their short life span.
He also mentioned how much he eats per day as a player. Choi Dae-bin, who has been managing her diet since she was an elementary school student, said, “There was pressure not to gain weight,” and Soyeon replied, “I made a habit of not eating much since I was young, meat, rice for breakfast, and fruit and yogurt for dinner.”

Regarding the report that they saw rhythmic gymnasts pack chicken in a milk carton, the two laughed, saying, “I hid it because I couldn’t eat it, and my skilled sisters hid chocolate in their sleeves, stretched it out, yawned, and put it in their mouths.”
In response, Kwak Min-jung surprised people by saying, “There was a time when a convenience store employee told me that he secretly bought and ate in an on-the-ground training, and I got caught and gave a thousand buffy tests.” Pak Se-ri said, “You should choose a good sport (that doesn’t matter if you eat a lot).”
Everyone also mentioned the price of the clothes they were curious about. It’s usually 1.5 to 2 million won, but there should be at least two free and short suits. In response to the opinion that skin-colored players are a little revealing, the three said, “There are also points deducted from the costume, and if it is too revealing, it will be deducted from the directing dive,” and Kwak Min-jung said.

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