Bae Bae Jin “If me and my mother are Kimchi-nyeo, all women are Kimchi-nyeo”

Comedian Bae Dong-sung’s daughter Bae Soo-jin said she had been edited by a devil in the past, expressing her struggles. Bae Soo-jin, who is acting under the name of beauty YouTuber Natalie, recently posted a video on her YouTube channel.
In the video in question, he mentioned his father, Bae Dong-sung, ‘s appearance on EBS1’s “Real Theater-Happiness” in 2016. At the time, the production team said that it had been suffering from malicious comments for a long time.
Bae Soo-jin said, “As a mother of a child, I took this video because I didn’t want my son to see it when he grew up and say, ‘Mom is a person who is criticized?'” Honestly, I don’t know where to start. I’ll tell you. It’s too long. I’m not good at Korean, so I’ll talk long but short.”
He recalled the time when he appeared in “Real Theater-Happiness.” He said, “In 2016, I suddenly got a call from my dad. I got cast for ‘Real Theater-Happiness.’ They asked me if I wanted to appear. It’s a show where I’m going on a trip with my dad. “I was about 21 years old at the time, but I decided to appear because I thought I wouldn’t be able to travel alone with my dad when I became an adult.”
“I had meetings and interviews with the production team before I went to Vietnam, and they keep mentioning the divorce of my mom and dad. The production team kept saying negative things, and even when I said I was close to my dad, the writer and PD kept saying, “This is not it.” And as soon as I arrived in Vietnam, my dad and I made him suffer so much. It was hard for me to make people do things they didn’t want to do and keep saying bad things. I told you not to be with your dad. I told him not to stick to me even when I said, “Look at this, Dad,” and he told me to walk while touching my cell phone. “It’s still so vivid,” he said.
“I watched it live with my cousin, and they were shocked. I thought I shouldn’t trust the show. I edited 100% of the devil’s story. The two of us laughed, saying, “It was a completely wrong broadcast,” “It’s a lie.” At that time, it was my first broadcast, so I didn’t think about getting cursed at all. But when I woke up in the morning, a lot of people cursed. Cell phone vibrations kept ringing, and malicious comments such as “Why are you living?” and “Die.” I’m laughing and talking now, but it was so hard. At that time, I was young and endured it because it was not my fault. It’s not even a broadcast with high ratings, but I was criticized for being on the show, so I held it in and called my dad while crying. I came to YouTube and cursed. It hasn’t been long since I came to Korea, so I didn’t have any friends, and I was lonely and stayed at home, but when I heard such a curse, I felt like I was that kind of person. So I asked my dad if he was on this show with me even though he’s been in the entertainment industry for a long time. People think I’m not close to my dad, but I’m close to my dad. “I fought with my dad for the first time because of that broadcast.
“I thought the reason why I was cursed at then was because of my dad’s cheapness, and my dad didn’t know about me or not because of the devil’s editing. I didn’t do that to my dad. He was in a high place. He said, “Daddy, it’s dangerous.” “Don’t look back.” But they squeezed it out among themselves. It was because of the producer that made me not be rude to my dad. But it wasn’t because of it; it was because of money. I’ve captured malicious comments from a long time ago until now, and my dad told my mom on the show that he supported me 35 million won a month. I asked my dad to be honest. They said it wasn’t my dad. “I heard that he talked too much because it was a broadcast,” he said.
“My mom is not a kimchi girl,” Bae said. If my mother and I are kimchi women, all these women are kimchi women. That’s how much we’re not kimchi girls. “My mom never received the money,” he said. “It’s harder to curse at my mom. I didn’t know anything, but I cursed my mom and watched how she lived and raised my three siblings, and I lived harder than anyone else. You don’t know how hard we raised our three siblings. “I’m so angry,” he said.
He said, “At that time, I thought I should get divorced from my mom and curse at her, so I think I was on the show with him.” He was on the show, and he cursed at his mom. I was cursed at because of a fight between my mom and dad in the middle. A lot of people said that in the comments. “I feel sorry for my dad,” “Be nice to my dad,” “I ruined my life because I met my daughter.” “Why are you a YouTuber after studying abroad?” They ask such silly questions, but be superior to your parents instead of malicious comments. I’ll be superior to my parents. And my dad says he feels sorry for me, but I’m distraught. You’re living so well. “I’ve happily married again, but please stop saying that I feel sorry for my dad.”
“I’m so grateful to my mom and dad for studying abroad,” Bae said. But I studied abroad when I was five years old. How can I judge? I’m old enough to make such a judgment, and I have to follow my mom when she goes, and I have to follow my dad when he goes. And I found out recently. I never paid for my tuition when I lived in America. I thought it was the same in Korea. Why do I have to pay for my education? I thought about this, but everyone was worried about their children’s tuition, so I was shocked by the culture. Many people think it costs a lot of money to study abroad, but of course, it costs a lot to go private, but the three of us went public. I didn’t pay for my tuition at all. “That doesn’t mean your dad didn’t pay you,” he added.
“There will be people who will curse after watching this video, and there will be people who will not believe it,” he said. I didn’t want to reveal this, but many people like to prove it. This is the content that I exchanged with the writer in 2016. I’m so disappointed with the writer and producer. “I sent a message saying that I was so upset that I could edit it like that,” he said. “I released a screenshot of the Kakao Talk chat window.
A, who was saved as a writer, told Bae Soo-jin, “I’m tired of it, so I came out of the company. Many people say that they got cut off during the broadcast without any common sense. “I don’t even know it properly, but I just watched a broadcast and said nonsense like I know everything.” Bae Soo-jin said, “People are so mean. I didn’t know the producer would edit it like that. “I’m so disappointed in you.
A said, “The main writer didn’t seem to have any intention of editing like that. Soojin and I were worried about your image. But the producer and the team manager wanted to pick something stimulating because of the ratings. I was surprised to see it on the show…” Bae said, “I don’t hate people, but the producer was so mean. I hated him while filming the show. The producer had to make ends meet, so I had to film it like that because of the ratings, but I’m very, very upset from my point of view. I couldn’t tell you honestly because I was worried that my father would be cursed at. He’s a celebrity. I feel so refreshed. I’m not such a mean person. “I will show you me and Raeyoon living happily and hard.”
The best YouTuber said, “I met Natalie in person, and we’re close friends, but she’s sincere, funny, funny, she’s a good talker, and she’s a great broadcaster.” “But she’s so honest and sometimes makes people misunderstand.” There were many similarities with me, so I became more familiar with people even more. You didn’t seem to care much, but it’s natural to solve the unfair past. “Those who curse are cursing, and those who are jealous are jealous, so I hope Natalie always steps straight ahead with her good thoughts and actions.”

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