IU, “I’m a dance singer.”

“I’m a dance singer.”
On the 3rd, IU’s official YouTube channel “Now” posted a video with the article “IU TV] You are my celebrity. The video in question is a behind-the-scenes story of the music video shoot for “Celebrity.” It contains various stories behind the set, drawing attention from IU fan club UAENA.
Particularly eye-catching in this video is IU’s pride as a “dance singer.” When Steph told IU, “You’re a dance singer today?” he said, “I’m not only a dance singer today, but I’m a dance singer,” stressing that dancing is his main job.

Great pride requires efforts to support it. IU also showed the side of an “effort dance singer” who does not neglect to practice choreography on the set. IU said, “It’s as difficult as ever,” when the staff said the choreography looked difficult. He confessed that he had practiced the steps for more than two days, saying, “I have no sense in my calves because I practiced the basic steps so much.” This dance singer IU’s pride and efforts were enough to attract netizens’ attention.
Meanwhile, in this video, the agency EDAM Entertainment introduced IU as an idol, center, and visual member, showing pride in her singer’s beauty.
More details can be seen on the official YouTube channel of “Now.” Now is a popular YouTube channel with 5.26 million subscribers. IU’s new song “Celebrity” (Celebrity) is a new song that was released about eight months after the release of the digital single “Eight” in May last year. It has attracted a lot of attention even before the release of the music by introducing a variety of styling concept teasers using colorful and colorful colors.
“Celebrity” is an electronic pop genre with tropical houses, and the hook consisting of synthesizer sounds and autotune, which were not found in IU’s music, gave listeners a cheerful feeling. It was composed by Ryan, famous as a hit song maker, and his crew Chloe Latimer, London, Lauritz, and Celine, and IU also improved the song’s quality.

Hwang In-yeop confessed to Moon Ga-young.

Hwang In-yeop of “Goddess Kangrim” confessed to Moon Ga-young.
In the 15th episode of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Goddess Kangrim,” which aired on the 3rd, Lim Joo-Kyung (Moon Ga-young) was depicted working as a stylist.
Lim Joo-Kyung worked part-time as a stylist on the day, and at that time, a celebrity (Dayoung) asked her to introduce Han Seo-Joon (Hwang In-you). Lim Joo-Kyung said, “He’s a trainee, so he’s out of his mind to meet someone. Don’t you meet more often at work than I do?”
But the celebrity said, “It’s only once or twice, but how can you say that every time it hurts my dignity? “I heard you’re my real friend. Please let me meet you alone.” Eventually, I’m Ju-Kyung sent a text message to Han Seo-Joon and said, ‘She’s nagging me every time she sees me. Please meet me once. Please close your eyes and have a meal.”
But Han Seo-Joon said, ‘I don’ I hate that style,’ she replied, and the celebrity was furious when she saw the text message. Later, Lim Joo-Kyung drank at the reunion, while Han Seo-Joon took care of Lim Joo-Kyung, who was drunk. Lim Joo-Kyung asked me to go on a blind date and retorted, “Who told you to go out?”
Han Seo-Joon said, “Stop it. Could you stop telling me to meet another girl? I’m so frustrated. “Isn’t it time for you to stop noticing my feelings?” he approached to kiss him. However, Han Seo-Joon did not kiss, raising questions about whether Lim Joo-Kyung would open her heart to Han Seo-Joon in the future.

Park Sun-Joo’s surprising story during vocal training.

A special episode of “Unusual People” has been reported.
MBC’s “Radio Star,” which aired on the 3rd, featured Kwon In-ha, Park Sun-Joo, Julien Kang, Kwon Song-hee, and Shin Yoo-jin as guests. Kwon In-ha said, “Since the thunder tiger singing method became a hot topic, the number of views has increased, and the number of subscribers had reached 280,000,” adding, “When I had a concert, there were many people my age before, but now more than half are in their 20s.” My acquaintances came and said, “I was surprised to see your performance.” “I had to do something after retirement, but I got hope from you,” she said.
“I knew my junior Ha-ha did reggae music, but I don’t know what kind of song he did,” he said, adding, “So I came to see you,” drawing surprise by playing “The Short Little Story” with his way of singing.

Park Sun-Joo said, “I became an enemy of the people because I was mean to press hearts in TV Chosun’s “Miss Trot,” adding, “Others have gone through a lot of contests, so I think they have become compassionate.” You pressed it from the beginning, but I was the only one who didn’t. “It has become an enemy of the people,” he said. “I didn’t press the heart alone on the stage of Lim Seo-won, a 9-year-old girl, but I was so good that I was greedy,” he explained. Park Sun-Joo apologized, saying, “I heard you talk about many things at Mom Cafe.”
Julien Kang, who will appear again after nine years, said, “I climbed the mountain in minus 17 degrees of weather. The health club closed due to Corona19, so I went hiking. “The reason why I go hiking after taking off my top is that it is good for my body and good for mental management,” he said, but he was suspected of being an “observant” and drew laughter. Kwon Song-hee and Shin Yoo-jin were unable to find the camera and greeted each other several times with the nervous appearance of “Entertainment Sprout.” Kwon Song-hee said, “This flying fish consists of men and women in their 20s and 50s, and is called a place of men and women. “There are Jang Ki-ha’s faces, Kim Kwang-Seok’s band-turned-instrumentalists, pansori players from Seoul National University, and Gugak musicians,” he said.
Kwon Song-hee said, “We were originally working on other things, but the popularity of this day has become so high that we all decided to go all-in not too long ago,” but added, “Ahn-ho needs to be persuaded because he has the ambition to become a professor.” Park Sun-Joo said she was surprised by junior singer Lee Chan-won’s ability while performing “Miss Trot 2,” adding, “It’s almost the same thing I think. He is in his early 20s and has both musical insight and commercial thinking. “I thought it would be a great success if someone like him produced it.”

Seon-Joo Park talked about his experience of giving vocal training to actor Lee Byung-hun and said, “He wanted to change his vocalization while learning the song. When filming the movie’G.I.Jo’, his abs were enormous, but he was shocked.” She continued, “I have to touch it to coach,’ sorry,’ and when I touched it, the abs were so tight that it felt like I wasn’t there, so it was impossible to check it. It was like armor.”

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